About us

We call ourselves i Tailors of the gin. We have been i first to propose the tailoring project for a distillate like this versatile, the only one to have one recipe and thousand possibilities of declinations: many spices, many fabrics and many models. Like a tailor chooses fabrics and buttons we choose alcohol, spices and botanicals. Like a tailor draw the model we decide what type of gin to build (dry, soft, citrus…) Like a tailor studies the proportions of cuts and seams we define weights and measures by creating alchemy harmonics between ingredients of each recipe. The search for quality at every stage of the design and production is our driving force.

What do we do

You are a barman, you have a club, a restaurant, or you have a company who wants to personalize their gifts with a product by quality superior, not on the market but created in exclusive?

Who chose us

Together with our customers, whether they are big or small, noble or not, we seek the right dress, the gin that best responds to everyone's taste and needs. Here is our project #gintailored: own recipe, your own bottle, your own label.
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