Cillario&Marazzi Spirits Co. the highest standards in craft distilling.

It all started with Attilio Cillario and Gigi Marazzi, their shared passion for well-drinking and the belief that the highest quality spirits can be crafted only from excellence of raw materials, perfect distilling knowledge and care for the smallest details.
All our partners have been selected because they share our same ideals.
The organic kosher Italian wheat alcohol producer, the botanicals and spices supplier, the organic citrus farmers, the glassware factory, the graphic designer, the typographer and all employees share our passion for quality and excellence.

Our “tailor-made” philosophy defines and distinguishes our company and our offer. Starting with the first client’s meeting, to the project’s drafting and final distillation, we put our customer’s needs first in order to create a solid, long lasting work relationship. The human factor is the driving factor of our work.

“In our products you can find our client’s soul and the story we share together.”

Cillario&Marazzi distillery is located in the heart of Varese’s prealps surrounded by woods and green fields. Visits can be arranged upon reservation.

Some of our botanicals used for our Gin, Bitter Vermouth and Cassis are naturally grown in the distillery’s fields with biodynamic methodology.

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