Cassis 1880

The Cassis 1880  it is produced with fruits and leaves of Blackcurrant Noir de Bourgogne grown on the land owned adjacent to the distillery, on Varese Pre-Alps on the border with Switzerland.

Climate with cold winters and rainy summers and the local altitude, are a perfect mix to thrive our 600 plants. No pesticides or fertilizers are employed. Only water from local spring is used to irrigate our blackcurrant. The only treatment our plants undergo is pruning, annually, and having the grass around them cut, whenever it’s needed.

Beginning of June berries and the leaves are harvested. This is done entirely by hand in order to keep them intact and avoid bruising them. The harvest is then left in infusion in organic – and kosher – Italian wheat alcohol for four months. Finally, the mixture is strained and unrefined sugar is added dissolved into spring water to bring the alcohol content down to 18%vol.

This is what makes our Cassis liqueur unique, giving it a rich taste and smell to match the abundant vitamins and antioxidant properties of Noir de Bourgogne blackcurrant.

For every liter of Cillario&Marazzi Cassis 4kg of hand-selected blackcurrant berries are used.

Our Cassis liqueur can be enjoyed neat or mixed to create refined drinks.

Two classic French aperitifs:

Pour 1 part of Cillario&Marazzi Cassis 1880 and 4 parts of champagne or dry spumante in a champagne flute.

Pour 1 part of Cillario&Marazzi Cassis and 4 parts of dry white wine in a champagne flute.

Our suggestions:

Pour 4 parts of prosecco and 1 part of Cassis in a ballon glass full of ice cubes, mix and garnish with mint leaves, lightly slapped to better release aroma: the Italian kickback to French Kir royal, fresh and fragrant.

In a punch cup, pour a little bit of Cassis liqueur, fill the cup with boiling water, and enjoy. A delicious way to end dinner.

Cassis 1880 liqueur is wonderful on top of custard ice cream, panna cotta and fruit salads.

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