Bitter Italian 1920

Italy is a bit the homeland of bitter, born to preserve and enhance the properties beneficial and digestive of herbs, real medicinal preparations at the origin so much that they can be purchased in pharmacies. Today they represent the Italian rite of the end of the meal and wanting to bring out some typical tastes of our lands we have created a small line of three different bitters. Three unique liqueurs in a precious bottle that well represents the goodness of the content immediately confirmed at the first taste.

Italian Amaro 1920 with Saffron and Bergamot: a careful selection of the best botanicals in which the unmistakable note of saffron flowers stands out and the citrus note of fresh bergamot peel infused in organic grain alcohol: two Italian excellences, yellow gold and green gold, known throughout the world.
Spring water and a slight bitter sweetness of the caramel complete and enhance the digestive properties of this delicious liqueur, very different from any other on the market.

Italian bitter 1920 Diavolicchio: bitter with a hot note
A blend of spices and botanicals characterized also here by two excellences of our lands: the bergamot of Bovalino and the Diavolicchio Diamante.
A wealth of tastes and aromas enhanced by the spicy note of the chilli pepper which not only does not overpower but adds character and roundness.

Italian bitter 1920 Herbal: organic grain alcohol, concentrate of aromatic herbs and roots, bittering flowers and spices and low quantity of sugar for a very decisive bitter note.

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