Bitter de Milan 1920

Inspired by one traditional recipe, is obtained only with natural products.

An infusion in organic alcohol of Italian wheat and mountain spring water 24 botanicals belonging to 4 different categories: bitter and bitter roots, spices, fruits, herbs and flowers. Absinthe, calamus, cinnamon, cardamom, thistle, cinchona, cloves, coriander, quassio wood, mint, rose petals, rhubarb, gentian root, dog rose, orange peel, vanilla, ginger… sugar in the minimum necessary quantity.

The harmonious contrast between bitter, sweet, salty and spicy makes Bitter de Milan 1920 delicious drunk smooth with a little soda and ice, seductive and indispensable for mixing the most famous cocktails.

No preservatives are used and pasteurization is not carried out, therefore after opening, keep the bottle in the refrigerator to keep its organoleptic characteristics and aromas unaltered.

Alcohol content 25%Vol.

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