Bitter Vermouth 1920

From one reinterpretation of an original recipe from the early 1900s our Master Infuser has created a unique and characteristic Vermouth, with bitter notes thanks to doubling the dose of China, Of Absinthe and of Orange zest and with the reduction of the amount of sugar.

The basis of Bitter Vermouth 1920 it's a Courtesy of the Tortonese hills. 

They are used for flavoring 33 botanicals which are divided into two types of macerationalcoholic (in certified organic Italian soft wheat alcohol) ed hydroalcoholic (with the same alcohol and Cortese wine).

The main botanicals used are: absinthe, calamus, cinnamon, cardamom, holy thistle, cassia, star anise, red china, cloves, coriander, elderflower, lemon balm leaves, galangal, quassio wood, hops, mace, rose, rhubarb, angelica root, gentian root, iris root, rose hip, orange peel, dandelion, vanilla…

After 1-2 months of infusion depending on the temperature of the season, the two macerations are filtered and added to the wine.

The mixture is then sweetened in a traditional and craft method, with handmade caramel from unrefined sugar. Before being bottled, vermouth needs to rest for an additional three months in bottle before being sold. This time will allow all flavors to blend together.

No preservatives or any pasteurization technique are used. Open bottles of 1920 Vermouth should be kept in fridge to best preserve aromas and flavors.

The Bitter Vermouth 1920 gives great satisfaction. It can be drunk neat, cold from the fridge, in a cocktail glass with an ice cube and orange peel. It can be used in mixing for unforgettable Negroni and Vesper.

The alcohol content is 17% Vol.

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