Prince Gin

Fallback Introduzione

Principe Gin is the sartorial gin created for the prestigious and international Principe bar of the Hotel Principe di Savoia, in Milan.
A gin that the Director of the Hotel Ezio Indiani and Daniele Confalonieri, Bar manager, wanted to be representative of the land in which we live: Milan, Lombardy and all of Italy.

Nelson Giordan, the English artist who created the label of the important bottle, has visually translated the idea that inspired the particular recipe in which among the characterizing botanicals there are mulberries, mint and lemongrass all grown from us in our botanical garden and linden honey from our bees.

The elegant profile of a young prince represents Ludovico Sforza known as il Moro, creator in the second half of the 15th century of a great boost to the Lombard economy with the cultivation of mulberry trees, murun in dialect, for the breeding of silkworms.

The pieces of fabric in precise colors, those of the Bar inside the Hotel, refer to the art of weaving and therefore to fashion, the pride of Made in Italy, and to a multi-ethnic Milan that welcomes people of different origins .

The creation of this gin was long and complex but the result really made us proud: eight kilos of mulberry blackberries for each distillate, the soft touch of linden honey and mint, lemongrass to give the citrus note, a gin that it really has so much to tell and more than ever it confirms the identity of a new genre of gin, the Italian dry gin: elegance, refinement, craftsmanship, quality, territory, history. Made in Italy!
A sumptuous sartorial gin in a sumptuous setting, to be enjoyed alone or in the equally refined and sartorial cocktails that Daniele Confalonieri has specially packaged for a demanding and exclusive international clientele.

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