Rixo Gin

Fallback Introduzione

A gin that demonstrates how the offer of nature combined with the imagination of the human being can give life to truly incredible food and wine products. From the passion for gin and the imagination of Maurizio Bertaia was born one of our most original gins in which the characterizing note is given by ainfusion of Gallo Aroma rice and Gioiello di RisiPreziosi rice, two varieties of rice with an all-Italian aroma. Maurizio's place, the Robbio's Bixtro, is immersed in rice fields of Lomellina and in wanting to create an identity product, Maurizio could not help but think of the rice that has been part of his life since childhood. A mix of juniper and 14 botanicals to which the infusion of rice gives an almost smoky note of popcorn. Delicious to be enjoyed alone, unique in the panorama of Italian and international gins, because each rice has its own characteristics, tastes and different notes. For fans of unusual products.

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