Il San Pietro – Positano Gin

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Our sartorial gin for the prestigious San Pietro di Positano. Not a hotel but "a place for the soul" as defined by the New York Times, a destination coveted by the international beau monde, Hollywood actors, world leaders, businessmen and influential tycoons.

Its founder Carlo Cinque built it overlooking the sea, a small corner of paradise suspended between sky and sea which in just half a century, opened on 29 June 1970, precisely on the day when St. Peter is celebrated, became one of the great icons of the Italian hospitality and one of the most appreciated in the world. His story looks like the script of an exciting cinematic blockbuster and the whole of Hollywood and the entire Cinecittà would not be enough to compose the cast.

A story that embodies all the values and characteristics that the world recognizes in us Italians: the warmth of the people, the unique welcome, family ties, the beauty of the area but also of art and craftsmanship, the cuisine, the perfumes, colors, the sun, the sea.

His gin maison could not fail to draw on the richness of the territory and therefore in particular on the lemons of the coast, on the wild fennel that grows on the cliffs around the hotel. A certified organic and kosher soft wheat alcohol, hand-picked Italian juniper, form the basis for the mix of spices and botanicals of this London dry gin that we are happy to think of slowly sipped by the very demanding clientele of a resort that is always at the top of the charts of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

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