If a gin and tonic rewrites life

“When Attilio and Gigi meet the bartender of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, they have already created the formula of the sartorial gin of the most beautiful names in Italian hospitality. But the challenge of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is double because Passalacqua is also there. Two addresses, two personalities, one family.[…]” To read the full article click here

Hotel Principe di Savoia launches Principe Gin

The iconic 5-star hotel entrusts the sartorial distillery Cillario & Marazzi with the creation of Principe Gin, a high-quality spirit, based on mulberry, which promises to become the city's gin par excellence. For further information: Article on Il Giornale Article on Eleganza del Gusto

Down with Wine: “Cillario&Marazzi K2 Gin preview”

Cillario&Marazzi K2 Gin preview But let's talk about Gin K2. If all the company's products that we were able to try at this year's Identità Golose are interesting, attention fell on Gin K2. The continuous search for raw materials and experimentation has led the Cillario&Marazzi to create a product based on juniper grown on the […]

Il Fatto Quotidiano: "Lawyer and owner of a distillery"

The tailors of gin It all starts with a gift, the 100-litre alembic given by a friend who will later become his partner. They took the license and obtained it in 2017. Shortly after they founded Cillario&Marazzi. Attilio Cillario, 61, has managed to bring together three souls: lawyer, executive producer of cartoons and distiller. Yes […]

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