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We are the first artisan gin distillery opened in Lombardy

We are the first artisan gin distillery opened in Lombardy, in June 2017, which uses a small discontinuous still.

We have chosen a 100-litre alembic that the master distiller controls at every moment of the production process: from filling the pot with alcohol and water, to the mix of spices on top of the column according to the elaborate recipe, to lighting the fire, up to the choice of the moment in which to end the distillation.

Not a machine in which to set a program but a saucepan to take care of moment by moment because the quality of the product will be determined by constantly monitoring all stages of production.

The creation of a gin recipe is a very complex operation, the ingredients can be many but they must be in harmony with each other, very few grams of each determine the final result, therefore the knowledge of each spice and botany and its contribution in distillation is critical.

As for the creation of a perfume you need the nose and for the gin also the palate: that sensitivity that allows you to immediately recognize if the alchemy in progress is harmonious, works, there are no aggressive peaks that cover or cancel the contribution of others ingredients.

Behind each of our gins there are no industrial processes, or essences pre-packaged by others, but a professional capable of creating ever new fragrances by himself.

The particularity of our distillery begins with the type of still used.

Stills are divided into continuous and discontinuous.

The discontinuous alembic is a pot that must be prepared, filled and emptied and cleaned every time at the end of the distillation in order to start again with another process, therefore intended for production of small quantities.

The continuous alembic, on the other hand, allows distillation without interruptions, the raw material is continuously introduced into the plant allowing you to work large quantities in a short time and with an always the same result

The big difference therefore between a gin produced with one or another type of alembic is the human factor: the distillate of a continuous alembic will not have the same personality as that obtained with a discontinuous alembic because the possibilities of intervention by the master distiller are limited.

The entirely artisanal process instead allows the professional's inspiration to express itself completely from the very first phase of choosing the botanicals and their mixing.

In this photo the master distiller is sealing the points of union of the pieces of our alembic with water and flour so that the alcohol vapors do not disperse in the environment but continue all in the column that will take them to the botanicals at the top.
There they will collect oils and perfumes from the blend of spices and botanicals that the recipe elaborated by the master distiller will have foreseen before falling into the cooling coil and then falling back into the liquid state into the collection vessel.

And this sealing work is done for each distillate, with painstaking precision and maniacal care and all rigorously by hand.

Certainly a beautiful alembic with thermometers, gaskets, automated processes is much more convenient but it is also more obvious, more within anyone's reach because the margin of human intervention is considerably reduced.
But that's where the game is played, where something unique is created.

We are not interested in mass productions that modern stills allow, we like to have all manual control over our equipment, no electronics and complicated devices that speed up production at the expense of quality.

This is why our sartorial gin project is unique and not easily replicable, because it combines the knowledge of an alembic, the knowledge of spices and botanicals and their result in distillation and above all the manual care of every little detail of the production process.

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