Don Alfonso Premium Gin

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Don Alfonso Gin premium is our sartorial gin for an icon of Italian cuisine in the world: Don Alfonso 1890, the restaurant in Sant'Agata sui due golfi, a hamlet of Massa Lubrense, Naples, which takes its name from the wonderful location where it is found: between the gulf of Naples and that of Sorrento.

A symbol restaurant of Southern Italian cuisine run since 1973 by Alfonso and Livia Iaccarino, heirs of generations of restaurateurs who wanted to consecrate and at the same time interpret the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine where the absolute quality of raw materials is the starting point: tradition , innovation, quality.

Not the zero kilometer theory at all costs, even if most of the raw materials used come from the owned farm, but that of always excellent quality, a glocal cuisine and vision that combines the local and the global dimension, planetary mixer, but only if it meets the required standards.
Thus, even in the branches abroad, tradition is preserved with the search for local ingredients of the highest quality, sourced abroad but which become part of that Mediterranean feel that makes one feel at home, even in Toronto or Macao or wherever Casa Don Alfonso decides to bring a piece of Italy.

Finding ourselves in this lifestyle and working path was for us a bit like looking in the mirror, exactly the same philosophy that guides our work: excellence and quality in everything and a strong reference to the Mediterranean.
The line indicated and desired by Mrs. Iaccarino was in fact: 'Let it be a fresh and Mediterranean gin!' and so we added the Italian juniper to a mix of spices and botanicals selected from all over the world and we added the wonderful Bovalino bergamot and Diamante chilli, received directly from Enzo Monaco, president of the Italian chilli academy.
And Mrs. Livia said: yes!
Happy and honored to have been recognized by Messrs. Iaccarino as respectful of the required quality standards.

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