Finally and As It Is

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Two gins commissioned by Sommeliers Nicola Dell'Agnolo and Alberto Piras from the historic two-Michelin-star restaurant The Place of Aimo and Nadia.
Finalmente for Gin Tonic rich in taste and aroma e Così com'è for Martini cocktails and Negronis of great character enrich the aperitif offer in the three beautiful Milanese venues of Aimo and Nadia: the Restaurant The Place in via Montecuccoli, the Cafeteria and Restaurant Voce in Piazza della Scala and the Bistro of Via Matteo Bandello.

Aimo and Nadia Moroni, present in Milan since 1962, have always been one of the reference points of Italian cuisine, the one that has made history in the world. The passing of the baton to his daughter Stefania and to the Chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini was marked by the continuity of their project of excellence with an eye to the new that advances. Honor yourself with this star-studded partnership.

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