The Gin n.1

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The Gin n.1, our sartorial gin with an exclusive recipe for an exclusive place: the luxurious Grand Hotel et Des Palmes in the heart of Palermo, full of charm and history.
Originally the private residence of the Whitaker family, then purchased by the hotelier and entomologist Enrico Ragusa who in
1907 he entrusted the renovation and transformation into a luxurious Belle Epoque hotel to the famous architect Ernesto Basile, a leading exponent of Liberty and Art Nouveau. It was called Grand Hotel et des Palmes because it was built in the shade of two large palm trees.
The hotel became one of the most important places in the social life of the time, the scene of historic events with illustrious guests such as Wagner, Crispi, Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, up to politicians, actors and famous contemporary personalities.
It reopens this year after a renovation that has brought to light every original detail of a distant but very happy era.
Proud to have been chosen for this great start.
The Gin N.1 adds to the balsamic notes of the juniper the peppery note of four different peppers and the citrus note of the #Sicilian cedars in organic and kosher alcohol.
Rich and intense aromas and flavors of a rich and intense land, in an exclusive setting with magical atmospheres.

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